SPURMEON Motivational Wrist Bands

What do words mean to you? What motivates you?

Wear a unique SPURMEON® wristband today and let it motivate, encourage & excite you to reach your dreams, whatever they may be.

SPURMEON® is a unique trademarked word, not available elsewhere. It has been created as a mental stimulus for motivation.


  • SPUR ME ON® Change your life wristbands can be used to help achieve your dream. Use them as a motivator for fitness, health, sporting challenges, giving up smoking, losing weight, financial security or any other personal goal.
  • SPUR ME ON® Change your life wristbands are designed as a mental stimulus for motivation.
  • SPUR ME ON® - your motivational awareness bracelet
  • Let SPUR ME ON® Change your life
  • Allow SPURMEON® to inspire your dreams
  • SPUR ME ON® - dedicated to all those who strive

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