Spur me on Introduction

Spurmeon® is a dynamic device, functioning as a game & motivator.


Spurmeon - unique motivational game & motivator comes conveniently packaged in a tin and includes a board game played inside lid, a magnetic board to place on fridge (or similar) that can be used as a motivational aid, 2 dice, 28 coloured playing pieces and a set of instructions.


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Spurmeon® was created from a need, a need that we all have at different times during our lives.

That need is MOTIVATION.


Motivator – fridge magnet

It is hoped that Spurmeon®, the name, game & motivator will provide the motivation to “spur you on” to achieve your personal goal.

Spurmeon® provides an ideal mechanism to acknowledge steps on a pathway, thereby assisting to “Spur You On” to achieve your goals. It is by physically acknowledging each step through placing Spurmeon® discs on your path that provides this motivation. Spurmeon® is the quintessence of motivational tools, ideally suited to help you achieve your goals.


Game – played inside lid

A special aspect of Spurmeon® the game is the way that it uses the basic arithmetic functions of

addition (+), subtraction (−), multiplication (×) and division (÷) to stimulate their learning.

In an age dominated by computers, basic arithmetic skills are often overlooked or forgotten.

Spurmeon® the game, aims to teach and reinforce these skills in a simple, yet motivational way.

Spurmeon® is unique as an educational game and allows for the development of personal rules,

limited only by imagination.

Suitable for ages 6 - 106.

Suitable for 1- 4 players.



  • Instructions
  • 2 dice
  • Spurmeon® game & motivation board
  • 28 Spurmeon® magnetic play pieces


The use of this device is beyond the manufacturer’s control, and liability is restricted to the replacement of material proven to be faulty. The manufacturer is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from incorrect usage.

Contains small parts, Not suitable for children under 6 years of age

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